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When it comes to the discussion of printers, the name Xerox is fairly old. Taking a name synonymous with the act of photocopying, it would be interesting for you to know that is was the brand Xerox that first epitomized the name itself. This multipurpose printer is mostly meant for high-end manufacturing industries, but still, its features are many.

Xerox Customer Support New Zealand is here to familiarize you with the said features. These features most often depend upon its variants. For this particular brand, not only do we have the now standardized generic multi-functionality printers, we also have the more specialized device like the Photocopier, the scanner and the printer itself.

Let us now discuss the different variants of this device and on the way, we would also acquire knowledge about its features.

  • The Print Only Variant: this specialized variant of the device is the first choice for many big or small official needs. They mostly entail the Phaser edition. This particular edition forms the baseline of the print only devices. This single utility peripheral features:
    • An ease of integration with the device and on to the network.
    • Crisp printed pages with solidified ink as the cartridge.
    • Can print up to 10,000 pages per month.
    • Comes in both monochromatic and colored variants.
  • The Scan Only Variant: One would think that this functionality would exist mostly in the multi-faceted printing peripherals, but Xerox also provides scanners for specialized usage. With this most of the emphasis is laid on the scanning methodologies.
  • The Work Centre: The work centre variant is the all ion one variant for the professionals. The difference from regular household peripherals here is that this variant is said to the king of all three functionalities. Whether it is a printer, scanner or a photocopier. With emphasis on business needs, the work centre displays the following characteristic;
    • Inbuilt Wi-Fi component that assists in total network integration. This feature assists in remote printing.
    • The implementation of image alignment technology that results in optimal and crisp printing.
    • Comes mostly as a colored variant.
  • The Color Cube: This particular addition to the Xerox printing profile is fairly new as this device is mostly used at home. To that end, it is also environmental friendly.
    • Mostly professional based.
    • 2High-end components.
    • Environmental friendly.
    • Suitable for industries or small scale businesses.

If you have any further queries about the device, contact our Xerox Printer Support By dialing Our Helpline Number 092805551

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